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Due to the changes within this update we are unable to allow for an "Auto Update" of version "2012.07" to this most current version "2013.03".....So users will have to download and install Version 2013.03 and transfer the data using the Transfer Out and Transfer In Utilities, Which will only take a few minutes.


Changes.....You may like this?:
We have merged the NCO Leaders Book and Army Counselor, Giving you the ability to not only record your Soldiers counseling's but write them on a DA Form 4856 from within the application...Also included is over 30 Counseling Templates, that you can modify and use along with the ability to add countless more........This should save you a lot of time in the future, Don't you think?   


Upgraded Instructions:
1. IMPORTANT!...Using the Transfer Out Utility create a Database backup and save to a secure location for later use-------OUT SIDE OF THE INSTALL DIRECTORY, I would recommend your documents folder.

2. Print your Soldiers "Records of Counseling"

3. Uninstall version 2012.07.

4. Download and Install Version 2013.03.

5. Start Version 2013.03 and Active then enter in the Registration Number you received from your older version.

6. Close Version 2013.03 and then reopen....Your new Version is now Registered. Then delete the "Example" information...Soldier Data, Vehicle Data, Hand Receipts, and Custom Reports.

7. Close Version 2013.03

8. Open the Transfer In Utility of this newest version....Locate and Select the Backup you created in step 1.

9. Making sure you select "Append" transfer in the Soldier Data, Vehicle Data, Hand Receipts, and Custom Reports.

10. Close the Transfer In Utility, start your new version all your information should have been transferred over with the exception of your Records of Counseling, So you will have to add them in manually.....But at least now you can write and save them

11. Enjoy.


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