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NCO Leaders Book - Software for US Army Leaders

NCO Leaders Book
The NCO Leaders Book is a Windows Database Application designed for all US Army Leaders "Officers, Warrant Officers and NCO's"....Known by many names either "Army Leaders Book", "Platoon Leaders Book" or just "Leaders Book"....The NCO Leaders Book software has been compiled to give you the quickest and most efficient way to record information pertaining to your day-to-day Military duties and responsibilities.
This NCO Leaders Book allows for the tracking of a US Army Soldier's vital information. Allowing you "The Leader" to more effectively manage their needs and training.
Our NCO Leaders Book is a standalone Application, Unlike other similar products available, Our NCO Leaders Book is not dependent on any other software product. Its Standalone and Portable without the need for other Software to be installed in order to run.

software updateSoftware Update Available (Version 2013.03)

Current Version Release Date: March, 27th 2013
All users of our software's previous version(s) can upgrade to this newest version for free, however due to the changes within this update we are unable to allow for an "Auto Update" of version "2012.07" to this most current version "2013.03".....So users will have to download and install Version 2013.03 and transfer the data using the Transfer Out and Transfer In Utilities, Which will only take a few minutes. Upgrade Instructions

Printable Forms and Reports

Over 50 clear and organized formatted Forms and Reports, from Administrative Data, Counseling Records, NCOER Data, Training Records, APFT, and Weapon Qualifications to Equipment Maintenance Status and Accountability, With the ability to design and add hundreds more
Soldiers Administrative Data and Tracking Vehicles, Equipment and Accountability
Soldiers Administrative Data Record Soldiers Administrative Data Record Vehicle Data Vehicle Data
Soldiers Record of Counseling Soldiers Record of Counseling - DA Form 4856 Vehicle Maintenance Status (Individual) Vehicle Maintenance Status (Individual)
Soldiers Counseling Notes and Observations Soldiers Counseling Notes and Observations Vehicle Maintenance Status (Status Role up) Vehicle Maintenance Status (Status Role up)
Soldiers Record of Training Soldiers Record of Training Sensitive Items Report Sensitive Items Report
Soldiers Record of Warrior Task Training Soldiers Record of Warrior Task Training Assigned Weapons Report (MAL) Assigned Weapons Report (MAL)
Soldiers and Leader Bio's Soldiers and Leader Bio's Personnel Items and Equipment Personnel Items and Equipment
Record of NCOER Counseling Record of NCOER Counseling Unit Authorizations (Equipment MTOE) Unit Authorizations (Equipment MTOE)
NCOER Rating Scheme NCOER Rating Scheme Hand Receipts (DA Form 2062) Hand Receipts (DA Form 2062)
Unit Authorizations (Soldiers) Unit Authorizations (Soldiers) Component Hand Receipts (Listings) Component Hand Receipts (Listings)
Daily Duty Status Report Daily Duty Status Report Shortage ANNEX(s) Shortage ANNEX(s)
Section POC "Alert Roster" Section POC (Alert Roster) References and Other Reports
Social Roster Social Roster Privacy Act Statement Privacy Act Statement
Strip Maps Strip Maps NCO / Officer Creed NCO / Officer Creed (Depends on Version)
Unresolved Issues Unresolved Issues Code of an Officer Code of an Officer / Honor (Platoon Leaders Book Only)
Appointment Tracker Appointment Tracker The Soldiers Creed / Warrior Ethos The Soldiers Creed / Warrior Ethos
Leave and Pass Tracker Leave and Pass Tracker Army Values Army Values
Training Management and Battle Focus Army Song Army Song
ITEP Consolidation Report ITEP Consolidation Report Unit History Unit History
Weapons Consolidation Report Weapons Consolidation Report Local Points of Contact Local Points of Contact
APFT Consolidation Report APFT Consolidation Report Chain of Command Chain of Command
Unit METL Unit METL NCO Support Channel NCO Support Channel
Collective Task Listing Collective Task Listing UCMJ References UCMJ References
Battle Drills Battle Drills Common AR(s) and FM(s) Reference List Common AR(s) and FM(s) Reference List
Crew Drills Crew Drills 8 Step Training Modal 8 Step Training Modal
Quick Reference Lookup Risk Assessment Worksheet Risk Assessment Worksheet
Hip-Pocket (Soldiers Data Quick Reference) Hip-Pocket (Soldiers Data Quick Reference) Operation Order Operation Order (Example)


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